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Free Mileage Logs Tutorial

Free Mileage Logs has three main functions

When you log in you will see three icons appear in the upper right of the navigation bar. Each allows you to manage a different part of your account.

The purpose of each function is given briefly below.


This page allows you to track your mileage for each vehicle. Simply select the vehicle and user you want to record mileage for, and input the data in to the fields.

In the near future you will be able to filter your mileage based off the user, the vehicle, the purpose, and the date. Also, we will be providing printable mileage reports for all account types.


Before you can input any mileage, you must create a vehicle first. The number of vehicles you may have is based off your account type.


If you are the account administrator, or if you have been granted administrator rights you can add as many users as you would like. You can restrict what they have access to by changing their settings in access levels section in the users profile.

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